Working in partnership with our clients

sector specialism

Focused on recruiting senior finance professionals

Delivering good results to the people and businesses we work with is extremely important to us. In order for us to do that for you, we need to really understand your business, and what you are looking to achieve.

Finding exceptional talent for you is of course our primary purpose. But when partnerships develop and start working well, everybody benefits in so many other ways. Our years of experience in the sector can help you with salary surveys, sector knowledge and feed-back on how the market views your business. Our knowledge of the Real Estate sector allows us to be a positive and trusted partner in the market place, and we can be trusted for our discretion with sensitive information.

We work most effectively with decision makers who are willing to forge a partnership based on mutual trust. Decision makers who are prepared to spend time discussing their needs, concerns and ideal outcomes benefit so much more. It means that we can really talk intelligently to candidates about your business, the opportunity and make sure that shortlisted candidates are people that you will want to talk with.

A proactive Process

Once an assignment is discussed in full, we get to work on your behalf. We won’t just advertise the role, sit back and wait for the response. How is that adding value? We will be proactive, and approach our network to make sure as many suitable candidates as possible are approached on your behalf. You will be kept informed of progress so that you know we are doing everything possible to attract the right talent.

Getting the right results

We care very much about our reputation and want to get the right results for you. We will settle for nothing less than success.