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Overseas Recruitment

sector specialism

Focussed on recruiting finance professionals overseas

We have successfully completed assignments in France, Germany, UAE, and Eastern Europe, and have access to candidates that are interested in overseas opportunities.

As a client there are of course added complexities, and we have a successful track record which enables us to speak sensibly with candidates, and to make sure that they have considered all of the facts before we forward their details to clients.

We know the process can take more time, and that there can be significant costs involved in inviting candidates over to meet you. Which is why we will brief all candidates fully, and make sure that they have all the facts including the positives, as well as the less positive considerations.

If you are a candidate who is genuinely interested in an overseas move, we would like to hear from you. We will be happy to discuss your options, and will provide you with an honest evaluation of your options.

How we work

  • Establishing Partnerships

  • Working With Decision Makers

  • Delivering Good Results

  • A Proactive process

  • Getting Results

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